What is AppointmentBot

It enables automated conversation between businesses and their users for booking seamless appointments. The goal of this platform is to increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue by increasing the number of appointments per user at a lower cost to the business

Give your customers the ultimate experience of Appointment Bot

The appointment bot is a natural language processing AI that starts the conversation with the consumer and helps them with their requirement. It even allows the user to connect to a live agent if need be. The chatbot has a dashboard where businesses can improve the content & training phrases of the AI, ensuring that both AI and live agents use the same tone when speaking with customers.

A new experience of booking appointments: Improve client satisfaction with instant answers and a personalized service 24/7.

Our appointment bot is the easiest way to book appointments, set up reminders and automate customer messaging.

AppointmentBot will work round the clock to speak with visitors, schedule meetings and handle other tasks.

Our AppointmentBot is a unique and easy way to hold appointments automatically. It’s simple, automated and hassle-free.

Treat your potential leads as if it’s an appointment. Book them instantly using DolphinChat.

Automated appointment scheduling will help your support agents spend less time giving their availability and more time helping people.

To avail the DolphinChat services there are certain Dashboard features

Sign up and Log in

Any business/enterprise can sign up on our platform by filling in some basic details like business name, email, mobile number and get access via OTP on mobile number


Bots section allows Members (Employees of business) to see a list of available bots they’ve access to. Members can search, sort & integrate bots on facebook messenger, web, telegram, whatsapp & much more.


Notification option is available at the top bar and can be recognized with a bell icon. Under notifications, members will be able to see activities they’re part of or subscribed to.

My Profile Section

Under My profile section, each member can update their personal information such as name, gender, timezone and password. Members will also see a list of bots they’ve access to.


Once logged in to the dashboard, you’ll be able to see analytics for selected bot. Analytics can be seen for the past 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month,1 year and custom date range.

Leads and Groups

A list of all the leads is available on Leads list page along with the custom fields data. Members can apply filters to search leads by text or sub-text.A Group is a collection of leads of a specific type or category. Users can create multiple groups based on their requirement or business use-case.


Broadcast feature can be used to send a message to chatbot users. Broadcasts can be sent on different channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc. Broadcast audiences can be targeted using filters such as location, gender, age or other filters.


Templates are pre approved messages that can be sent to all users or a group of users.

Templated messages are created and approved as per channels policy. Once a template is approved by the channel owner it can be sent to a chatbot user or a group of chatbot users.


Chats enables two-way communication between chatbot users and livechat agents. Livechat agent is notified for incoming livechat requests. Livechat agent can take control of a chat if a bot fails to understand user query. Along with text, multimedia, templates and canned responses can be sent.

Widget Customization

Members can customize the text, color, layout of the chat widget without writing any code. This chat widget can be easily embedded into any website with few lines of code that can be copied from the dashboard itself. Members can add custom avatars, change position of widget, add menu items, enable multimedia sharing etc.

Manage Labels

Under-managed custom labels can be created with title, description and color. A unique color is assigned to each label for identification. Short descriptions can be added to let everyone know the use of labels. Once created, labels can be attached to a lead.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created to capture and store additional chatbot users information and are defined by members.

USP of AppointmentBot

  • Quick and easy to instalment, no mandatory cloud involved

  • Well suited for any size of implementation
  • No specialized hardware/GPU required
  • Enterprise ready scaling
  • DolphinChat can be trained on any language
  • Multiple intent deferment
  • Conversation driven development


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