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About DolphinChat

At DolphinChat we’re creating an End-to-End AI-driven personalized customer engagement. To bring a shift from forms to conversations, click to interactions, replacing boring tasks into enriching conversations. These conversations will be simple, easy, fast, smart, personalized and contextual. In 10 years AI will become the focal tool for organizations to interact with customers to sell, give support, updates, personalized conversations based on the user inputs and collect valuable information.

DolphinChat provides a conversational AI platform to build rich conversational experiences which enable seamless communication between organizations and consumers. Time of organizational resources are very crucial in reducing human intervention in repetitive tasks by conversational AI.

Headquartered at New Delhi,India. DolphinChat has a dedicated team operating from the Gurgaon office. DolphinChat is backed by amazing investors including StartupBootCamp, Alfa Ventures, Guerrilla Ventures and most recently SOSV.

The DolphinChat Culture

Conversation is what we believe in and build technology for.


Whether it is product development, customer acquisition, sales onboarding or user experience – we want to be best in everything we do. “ Can I be proud by putting my name on my work? Is our motto for achieving excellence.

Collaborative Work Environment

We choose how we want to work and what we want to get into, we choose by our strengths and function as one solid unit with varied experiences and perspectives. What we do here not only enriches our professional lives but also makes us content.


The first thing we ask ourselves, ‘how can this be done quicker without losing quality of work?’ Our Superpower is to take ownership of our work, acting on it with urgency, making quick decisions and getting things done is our empowering attitude. Strategize, execute and Push the code! Done? On to the next Project.

Customer First Approach

We promise to make our customers become better with our product, we don’t shy away from understanding their pain points and spare no efforts in making them succeed in their business goals.

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