Your FAQ’s Answered

A conversation is a message sent or received by the chatbot, irrespective of the number of messages in each message.

The charge for all subscription plans is deducted on the first day of each billing cycle. This is applicable to both monthly and annual plans.

We accept payments via NEFT and IMPS, the account details are mentioned on the invoices.

Subscription plans are month-to-month or annual basis. You can change your plan anytime, but keep in mind the change will not take effect until the end of your current billing cycle.

DolphinChat is a unique product that provides personalized chatbot development for each customer, solving business use-cases. For this reason, there is a one-time development fee along with the monthly subscription fees depending on the pricing plan.

Pricing is divided into two parts-
a) One-Time Setup – charged one time while building the bot.
b) Monthly Subscription – is charged as per the plan selected plus the number of monthly unique conversations on the chatbot.

There are no cancellation fees. However, there is a cancellation period. The cancellation period is a minimum 30 days (1 month), depending on a case-to-case basis.

If you end up having more conversations than what’s in your selected plan then the plan will be upgraded and the extra amount will be adjusted in the next billing cycle in case of the monthly plan. In the case of the annual plan, just like the monthly plan, the variation will be adjusted in the next 30 days of exceeding the plan.

However, if you just need some extra conversations without any additional features, then we provide a Top Up Recharge in which you can get extra conversations without changing your current subscription model –

PLAN A – No Top Up Recharge available
PLAN B – Get upto 5,000 extra conversation at an extra charge of INR 1500 per month
PLAN C – Get upto 20,000 extra conversation at an extra charge of INR 2600 per month
PLAN D – Get upto 40,000 extra conversation at an extra charge of INR 4000 per month

NOTE – Top Up Recharges can only be bought on a monthly basis.

Annual Plan is more cost-effective as you save the subscription charges of 1 month. You only pay for 11 months instead of 12 months when you choose to pay on an annual basis.

You pay at the beginning of your subscription billing cycle, irrespective of the monthly or annual plan.

You will receive an email with the invoice at the start of each billing cycle (monthly/annual) on your resgistered Email.

Development Fee is different for channels depending upon the efforts, developers hours spent on building the chatbot for your use-case.

That will be the best news for you as well as us. You can get in touch with us and our team will create a tailored plan customized to your needs.

In case you are not completely satisfied with with our solution, you can raise a request for a refund withing 7 days of the payment of your subscription fee. We will provide a refund of your subscription fee in such a case without any questions.

An automated chatbot notification is a message which is sent to the chatbot user based on some trigger. For Example – An automated message to the chatbot user on the successful booking of their appointment using the chatbot.

Get in touch with our sales team and they will be able to help you with your requirements.

No, there is no limit on the number of conversations that happen over Live Chat. Live Chat feature is charged on the basis on the number of agent logins purchased.

In case, you need extra agent logins for the Live Chat feature. We charge INR 500 per month for each extra agent login required.

In case you need extra FAQs, you can get them by paying an extra amount each month. We charge INR 1800 per month for 10 extra FAQs.

We do offer custom UI changes in case of the Website Chatbot. We charge INR 2000 per hour for custom development. The scope of the work needs to be discussed with our technical team first.

We do offer changes in the Conversation Flow Design (CFD) as part of the subscription plans. However, if you need changes apart from the offering in your subscription plan, you get can get it done on a one-time basis ranging from 50%-100% of the amount you paid during the start of the Chatbot project, depending on the scope of the work.

Yes, we do offer discounts on our annual plans. Each annual plan saves you the subscription charges of 1 month. You only pay for 11 months instead of 12 months in the annual plan.

Yes, we do get a contract signed for each chatbot project. This is important as the contract covers all aspects like Intellectual property, data ownership, data sharing, data storage, SLAs etc. The duration of the contract is mututally decided on a case-to-case basis.

You, the customer always have the ownership of the conversations being generated through the chatbot. DolphinChat, however utilises the conversation data for implementing NLP training in order to improve the experience on the chatbot for your consumers.

The customer is always the owner of any kind of data collected using the chatbot.

DolphinChat follows all the industry best practices and is very strict in following the security and complaince guidelines. Our team constantly monitor and analyses our servers and systems for any possible security threat, any possible intrusion or attacks.

Yes, There will be an additional one-time charge of 20,000 INR per language addition.

Yes, Get in touch with our team –, we will offer the best price we can.

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