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Why DolphinChat?

Improve your CSAT

Delight your customers with instant answers and a personalized service 24/7.

Better Customer Retention

Build relationships with your customers through interactive and tailored content, conversations.

Increase Conversion

Deliver a personalized experience by targeting audience demographics & user information.

Faster Response Rate

Never let a customer go without an answer. Reply instantly to all customers using DolphinChat.

Be where your customers are

Establish your presence & maximize output using
automated conversations

Website Chatbot

Help your website visitors to navigate easily, answer their questions & increase conversion by setting up a Website Chatbot.

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WhatsApp Chatbot

With 1.5 billion users worldwide, use WhatsApp Business to connect, automate & scale your customer interactions.

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Facebook Chatbot

Get more out of Facebook by a chatbot & turn your page into point of sales and & orders right on Facebook Messenger.

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Telegram Chatbot

With 500 Million users worldwide, provide an end-to-end shopping experience to potential customers using a chatbot.

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Our Solutions
Discover More Possibilities


VirtualDeskBot is an AI-powered Chatbot by DolphinChat for engaging website visitors, helping them with navigation and automated replies to FAQs for increasing engagement and decreasing drop off rate.


EcommerceBot is an AI-enabled chatbot powered by DolphinChat that enables fully automated virtual digital stores for E-commerce companies, including everything from pre-sales to purchase and post-sales customer experience.


AppointmentBot is an AI-enabled chatbot powered by DolphinChat that enables automated conversation between businesses and users for booking seamless appointments.


LeadGenBot is an AI-enabled chatbot powered by DolphinChat that enables automated conversations for capturing data of potential leads over various platforms.


SmartGovBot is an AI-enabled Chatbot developed by DolphinChat that enables seamless communication between Government/Smart Cities and citizens.

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